Did you know there is a quick and easy way to check your credit and work on raising it? Let me show you how…

Alot of people today are having major issues getting into an apartment if they have a pet or several. On top of that your Credit might be below 600 making it even harder.

Im going to give you some quick and simple ways to hopefully jack your credit score up if it is low or raise it even higher for you.

First, download the app Credit Karma or sign up online here at . You need to know what your score is. Keep in mind that this app is usally accepted scores for renters but for homeowners you need to know your FICO Score which is usually about 30 points lower then what you see on Credit Karma but again, a screen shot from Credit Karma to rent will or should be all you need of your score.

Once you are signed up and logged in check to see what is bringing your score low. Are there Derogatory marks that do not belong there? Have them removed by contacting the credit agencies. There might be several things on your credit that you paid off years ago or might not even know what they are.

Do you have a credit card and are using the max on it? Try to get it down to under 30% of your limit. That will increase it dramatically quickly.

For example you have a credit card with a Limit of $10,000.

Make sure your balance is under 30% or $3000.

How many Credit Cards do you have open? You want to have approx 3-5 credit cards that are open and you make payments on. I dont care if its a gas card and you charge and pay $50 a month off. Get your credit card utilization upand that will also increase your Payment History.

There are 6 things that they look at on Credit Karma in determing your score:

Paymennt History

Credit Card Utilization

Dergatory Marks

Age of credit History

Total Accounts

Hard inquiries

Every time someone runs a check on you it lowers your credit 1-2 points and stays on your history for 2 years. You want less then 2 at all times over a 2 year span.

Total Accounts is just that. The total accounts you have open and closed including car payments, credit cards, loans etc. You want between 11-20 ideally over 10 years on there.

Derogatory Marks are judgements, liens, bankruptcy, etc. If they are there see if you can get a Satification Letter from the creditor to remove them and get them off quick. Pay themn off in full if possible.

I hope this helped you a bit. Good Luck