Finding a Pet Friendly Rental

Your pets are your family

Finding an apartment is stressful and difficult I know better than anyone. Then throwing on top of it having a pet or pets makes it 1000 times more difficult.

Im going to give you all the bad news first, then show you that believe it or not there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I can and will find you a place.

Bad news:

You have a pet or multiple pets
Your credit score is below 600
Your income is not enough to afford a car payment let alone an apartment

Those are the 3 top biggest obsitcles. Now here comes that light at the end of the tunnel….. Ready?

I have solutions to all your problems.

Your pet issue might not be as bad as you think, if for example you have good credit and a good income. Once I see all this in black and white I can then get you into either a pet friendly complex or a full house rental. Now if for example your credit is not good there is always the possibility of a Co-Signer. If you can not get one then I have Co-Signer Agencies. They usually charge you about $100 a month to co-sign for 6-12 months.

You need to have a job withe a decent salary or a co-signer. My job is to make you as enticing as possible to the homeowner or the complex. You also need to have a credit score in most cases at least 600 or better. Please read my article on raising your credit in 30 days. It is actually pretty easy and free to do.

Lastly, you will need to have the money to move in. First, last and security. So for example a full house rental in Long Island is just say $3000, you will need $9000 just to move in.

First $3000 – Last $3000 – Security $3000

Yes, its alot but this is Long Island and unfortunatly I dont set the rents.

If I find you a legal apartment in a house, not a full house rental, that allows pets then obviously your rent and fees will be less.

If I get you an Apartment Complex that your move in fees could be half that!

See, there are options….